4D Path Adds New Processing Capabilities to Algorithm for Dramatically Accelerated Precise Cancer Diagnosis


4D Path applies a cloud-based, quantitative approach to finding the data previously hidden in a single digitized H&E biopsy slide image without adding extra load to the current standard of care. As a result, the initial biopsy is no longer the first step in a lengthy process towards biomarker profiling and stratification, but the only step necessary. The company is now able to process images not only generated by the leading scanners in the market, manufactured by Leica and Roche, but also Philips (iSyntax format) and Hamamatsu (NDPI format).

The company continues to expand its platform compatibilities and ways to integrate it with existing PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System). It has also extended its capability to analyze H&E stained biopsy and resection images to cytology images with standard stains (H&E or Papanicoloau).