4D Path Makes Continued Investments in Robust IT Infrastructure for Novel Precision Oncology Platform


4D Path applies universal physics, biology and mathematical principles to identify tumor-specific phenotypic and genotypic fingerprints. Its system runs on modern cloud components that enable dynamic scaling and batch processing, allowing 4D to optimize run times and deliver rapid results. Utilizing Microsoft Azure's cloud technology, 4D Path has built stable and secure environments to host both research and regulated workflows for its diagnostic applications.

From a single whole slide H&E biopsy image, in seconds 4D Path can identify any cancer type (pan cancer), its prognostically significant subtypes, variants, grades, and molecular profile with overexpression status as well as benign lesions. Data management is a key component of streamlined results delivery. As such, 4D Path is creating a rationalized data environment to store reference information and results efficiently and securely. Its data model facilitates intuitive querying, allowing it to maintain a suite of internal and custom client reports.

4D’s modular architecture makes both automated and manual report generation easy and accessible. Image platform independence is essential to provide flexibility as its client base grows. With that in mind, 4D is utilizing open source pathology and image libraries to create a collection of conversion functions. These functions will allow for speedy conversion of standard whole slide image formats for commonly used scanners. As its team grows, so too does the need for efficient feature tracking and project management. 4D is using Azure's built-in Dev Ops tools for source code version control, application deployment pipelines, and cohesive project management. This supports coordinated and controlled development; workflow automation to decrease manual touches; and the capture, reporting, and rapid resolution of bugs and enhancements.