4D Path Closes Latest Funding Round to Advance New Approach to Precise and Accelerated Cancer Diagnosis, Bringing Total to $6.4M


In 2019, 4D Path successfully closed a ~USD 4.4M funding round with the Seed Three Convertible Preferred Stock offering, bringing their total funds raised to $6.4M. The latest round will support legal and consulting costs as well as continued expansion of its research, team, infrastructure, data acquisition and business development.

4D Path’s patented precision oncology platform unveils previously hidden data to instantly provide biomarker profiling and stratification directly from a single H&E biopsy image. By eliminating the need for additional immunohistochemistry, 4D Path’s cloud-based platform accelerates complete, actionable and objective insight leading to expedited and democratized precision medicine for optimized patient care and clinical trials. 4D Path’s cloud-based, quantitative approach provides clinical solutions in both companion diagnostics and translational medicine without adding extra load to the current standard of care to reduce the cost, time and complexity of patient management, clinical trials and pharmaceutical efficacy discovery. Its platform is commercially available worldwide now to identify tumor-specific phenotypic and genotypic fingerprints that can inform treatment selection as well as stratify patients for novel targeted therapies without the need for a training dataset or human intervention.