Dr. Jennifer Levin Carter Joins Advisory Board of Novel Precision Oncology Platform Creator 4D Path


Newton, Massachusetts, December 15, 2020 – 4D Path, creator of a patented computer-aided cancer diagnostic and precision oncology platform, is pleased to announce that Jennifer Levin Carter, MD, MPH, MBA, has joined the company’s distinguished advisory board. Dr. Carter has a longstanding passion for applying emerging technologies across precision medicine, digital heath and AI applications to improve patient access to healthcare.

Dr. Carter is managing director of JLC Precision Health Strategies, LLC., which partners with executives and investors to advise data-driven healthcare and life science companies on their commercial and financing strategy, and on the development of novel products and services. Previously, she was founder and CEO of TrialzOWN, Inc., a healthcare company in stealth that was acquired by Integral Health (now Valo Health) in March 2019. Prior to TrialzOWN, Dr. Carter was the founder and president of N-of-One®, Inc. At N-of-One, Dr. Carter led the creation of award-winning solutions that delivered novel treatment strategies to hundreds of thousands of patients with cancer globally. She served as acting-CEO from 2008-2012, and chief medical officer from 2012 until its acquisition by Qiagen (Market Cap $8B) in 2019.

4D Path, which has raised $6.4 million in funding to date and been awarded a coveted FDA Breakthrough Device Designation, applies a cloud-based, quantitative approach to finding the data previously hidden in H&E biopsy and resection images without adding extra load to the current standard of care. As a result, the initial biopsy will no longer be the first step in a lengthy process towards biomarker profiling and stratification, but perhaps the only step necessary without the need for additional molecular tests (e.g. immunohistochemistry, FISH, RNA-Seq, NGS).

“I am excited about 4D Path’s novel way of providing molecular decision support and patient specific insights to targeted therapy based on both a single H&E slide as well as from all the H&E slides available per patient,” said Dr Carter. “4D Path’s ability to read pan-cancer biologic signatures of the underlying molecular drivers hidden in the H&E-stained tissue images is powerful and unique. This capability can potentially add an extra dimension to the current genome-based molecular screening methods that may bring the power of genomics to more patients fighting cancer quicker and at lower cost.”

Just from whole slide H&E biopsy/resection images, in seconds 4D Path can identify cancer type, its pan-cancer prognostically significant molecular subtypes, grades, and molecular profile with overexpression status as well as benign lesions. Its accelerated and more accurate diagnostic tool is commercially available now for use in clinical trials to allow pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies to efficiently focus more precisely on effective treatments and targeted therapies.

“We are thrilled to have an entrepreneur, executive and thought leader of Dr. Carter’s caliber join our established team of esteemed advisory board members,” said Rodrigo Navarro, president and CEO, 4D Path. “Her expertise will be invaluable as we navigate the company’s next steps towards market adoption and strategy towards pharmaceuticals – highlighting 4D Path’s ability to reduce cost, time and complexity of clinical trials and patient management.”

As the latest addition to 4D Path’s advisory board, Dr. Carter joins a distinguished team of scientists, clinicians and management from world-leading research institutions, including Barry Fogel M.D. – Harvard School of Medicine, Professor Donald Lessard – MIT Sloan School of Management, and Judy C. Lewent – Former Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Merck & Co.

Dr. Carter graduated Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude with distinction with a BS in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from Yale University, an MD from Harvard Medical School, an MPH from Harvard School of Public Health, and an MBA from the Sloan School at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

About 4D Path
Just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it’s not there. 4D Path’s patented precision oncology platform is designed to unveil previously hidden data to instantly provide biomarker profiling and stratification directly from H&E whole slide biopsy/resection images only. 4D Path’s cloud-based, quantitative approach is intended to eliminate the need for additional molecular tests (e.g., immunohistochemistry, FISH, RNA-Seq, NGS), accelerating complete, actionable and objective insight leading to expedited and democratized precision medicine. 4D Path’s quantitative approach is designed to provide clinical solutions in both companion diagnostics and translational medicine without compromising the current standard of care to reduce the cost, time and complexity of patient care and management, and clinical trials. Its patented methods and integrated platform combine universal physics, biology and mathematical principles to identify tumor-specific phenotypic and genotypic fingerprints in order to inform treatment selection and stratify patients accordingly. Visit www.4DPath.com to learn more.

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