Extracting the Right Data for Patient Care


Hidden information in digital H&E images can revolutionize pathology-oncology crosstalk

By: Satabhisa Mukhopadhyay, Tathagata Dasgupta

4D Path’s Satabhisa Mukhopadhyay, founder and chief scientist, and Tathagata Dasgupta, founder and CKO/CTO, recently co-authored an article in The Pathologist addressing the application of artificial intelligence to extract “the right kind of data” from digital H&E images, which can potentially revolutionize pathology-oncology crosstalk. Below is an excerpt from the article, followed by a link to the article.

Interrogating tumor biology to extract the right kind of hidden data returns information of great value to pathologists and oncologists. With no input beyond pre-treatment biopsies or resection whole-slide images, it delivers outputs that support rational diagnostic and therapeutic decisions. This next step forward in AI-based diagnostic support represents a true patient-centric democratization of digital pathology, avoiding ancillary testing and tissue requirements while still offering universal accessibility, faster turnaround times, better affordability and, crucially, greater diagnostic accuracy for patients.

Read the full “Extracting the Right Data for Patient Care” article to learn how AI is enabling advancements in tumor detection, profiling and prognostication to better predict and stratify patient response to therapy.

Nicolas Orsi, 4D Path's chief pathologist, also recently partnered with his University of Leeds’ colleagues Elizabeth Walsh and Katie Allen to author "One Step Beyond: Artificial Intelligence for Image-Based Prognostication" for The Pathologist, which addresses the use of artificial intelligence for cancer diagnostics. Read it here.