Global Partnership to Improve Diagnostic Accuracy of Breast Cancer


Femtech World featured our partnership with PathPresenter to distribute the 4D Q-plasia OncoReader Breast within PathPresenter’s ClinPx Clinical Workflow Platform in their magazine.

The primary purpose of integrating 4D Path’s proprietary algorithms within the PathPresenter ClinPx platform is to potentially improve the throughput, reliability, and quality of consultations provided by physicians. Additionally, users from pharmaceutical organizations could also benefit from the enablement of the standardized central pathology review of certain biomarkers within the context of clinical trials leveraging the ClinPx platform.

According to Rajendra Singh, M.D., Founder of PathPresenter, “We believe that the integration of these two technologies will redefine how AI can be adopted by everyday pathologists.”

Read the article, “Global Partnership to Improve Diagnostic Accuracy of Breast Cancer,” to find out more about our work to advance AI-enabled digital pathology for end-to-end breast tumor profiling.