Meet 7 Femtech Companies Innovating in the Area of Ovarian Health, Breast and Gynecological Cancers


4D Path Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer Satabhisa Mukhopadhyay is featured in Forbes Magazine alongside other femtech leaders for her innovations in cancer diagnostics and precision oncology.

“At 4D Path, we want to create an end-to-end platform that could support pathologists and clinicians in unveiling previously hidden information purely from cellular snapshots of tissue or liquid without the use of costly antibody stains, and that could lead to an accurate diagnosis and a more thorough understanding of cancer’s nature from the patient’s initial biopsy,” explains Mukhopadhyay.

Read the article, “Meet 7 Femtech Companies Innovating In The Area Of Ovarian Health, Breast And Gynecological Cancers,” to find out more about 4D Path’s approach to diagnosing breast cancer and our work to develop products for ovarian cancer, cervical cytology, skin cancer, and, in general, around immunotherapy in various cancers.