World-Renowned Cancer Oncologist, Health Consultant and Entrepreneur Dr. Nelson Teich Added to 4D Path’s Distinguished Advisory Board

Newton, Massachusetts, May 4, 20214D Path, creator of a patented computer-aided cancer diagnostic and precision oncology platform, is pleased to announce that Dr. Nelson Teich, MD, MBA, MSc, has joined the company’s prestigious advisory board. A world-renowned oncologist, health consultant and entrepreneur in the field of clinical oncology, Teich will act as a global ambassador for 4D Path’s cloud-based, quantitative approach, which delivers diagnostic outcomes and enables essential molecular tumor profiling from H&E whole slide biopsy/resection images only for a full spectrum of cancers.

In 2020, Dr. Teich served as Minister of Health of Brazil and as Advisor of the Brazilian Ministry of Health from September 2019 until January 2020. He currently acts as owner of Teich & Teich Health Care, a company that supports health management.

“My extensive career in oncology has exposed me to the true impact that technology can have on the fight against cancer, which is why the revolutionary nature of 4D Path’s technology truly caught my attention,” said Dr. Teich. “Different countries have different problems, inefficiencies and needs that have to be solved for them to deliver the ideal cancer care. High quality cancer care depends on and starts with a precise, detailed, and fast diagnostic process. Real evolution of health care systems happens when accuracy, precision and complexity of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are improved and at the same time processes and flows are simplified. 4D Path brings this evolution to cancer care, by bringing solutions that improve the efficiency of the system and it shows a rare combination of increasing precision and accuracy, simplifying processes, improving outcomes, and reducing costs. This is a perfect example of a solution that brings value to the health care system. 4D Path solutions can be customized to the realities that exist in different countries, systems and providers.”

Awarded FDA Breakthrough Device Designation, 4D Path applies its cloud-based, quantitative approach to finding the data previously hidden in H&E biopsy and resection images without adding extra load to the current standard of care. In near real time, 4D Path can identify cancer type, its grade, and its pan-cancer prognostically significant molecular subtypes, just from whole slide H&E biopsy/resection images. As a result, the initial biopsy may no longer be the first step in a lengthy process towards biomarker profiling and stratification, but perhaps the only step necessary without the need for additional molecular tests (e.g., immunohistochemistry, FISH, NGS).

Prior to his service to the Brazilian Ministry of Health, Teich founded and acted as president of GRUPO Clinical Oncology Group (COI). At his helm, COI became the largest company in Brazil in its segment, and he established the COI Management, Education and Research Institute as one of the main cancer research institutes in Brazil. The non-profit COI Management, Education and Research Institute enables randomized controlled clinical trials and observational prospective real-world studies, as well as training and education programs in many different areas of cancer care, including hematology, oncology, radiotherapy, radiation physics, nursing, and pharmacy, among others.

“We are pleased to add a clinical oncology leader of Nelson’s caliber to our advisory board,” said Rodrigo Navarro, president and CEO, 4D Path. “His expertise in facilitating clinical research and supporting innovative, evidence-based health technologies make him an ideal partner for moving 4D Path’s cancer diagnostic and precision oncology platform technology to the next stage and expanding our reach worldwide to the full spectrum of cancer malignancies for more readily accessible and affordable care.”

Dr. Teich joins an esteemed team of scientists, clinicians and management from world-leading research institutions, including Dr. Craig A. Bunnell, MD, MPH, MBA – Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Jennifer Levin Carter, MD, MPH, MBA – JLC Precision Health Strategies, LLC., Barry Fogel M.D. – Harvard School of Medicine, Professor Donald Lessard – MIT Sloan School of Management, and Judy C. Lewent – Former Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Merck & Co.

Dr. Teich received his degree in medicine from Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ), and had his training in Oncology at the Brazilian National Cancer Institute. He has an MBA in health administration at the Institute for Postgraduate Studies and Research in Administration at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He also holds a master's degree in economic assessment from the University of York in UK and had his education in Management and Entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School.

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Just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it’s not there. 4D Path’s patented precision oncology platform is designed to unveil previously hidden data to instantly provide biomarker profiling and stratification directly from H&E whole slide biopsy/resection images only. 4D Path’s cloud-based, quantitative approach is intended to eliminate the need for additional molecular tests (e.g., immunohistochemistry, FISH, RNA-Seq, NGS), accelerating complete, actionable and objective insight leading to expedited and democratized precision medicine. 4D Path’s quantitative approach is designed to provide clinical solutions in both companion diagnostics and translational medicine without compromising the current standard of care to reduce the cost, time and complexity of patient care and management, and clinical trials. Its patented methods and integrated platform combine universal physics, biology, and mathematical principles to identify tumor-specific phenotypic and genotypic fingerprints in order to inform treatment selection and stratify patients accordingly. Visit to learn more.

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